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Start pilot clinical study prophylactic sac filling                          |  Feb 2021

After obtaining METC approval in 2020 and a positive DSMB review for the type II Endoleak study, the pilot clinical study to treat patients with a high risk of developing type II Endoleaks with prophylactic Sac Filling is also started

Type II endoleak study halfway                                                    |  Jun 2021

June 7th, a press release was published after 13 patients had been treated successfully in the type II Endoleak clinical study. In  all patients the endoleak and  aneurysm sac growth were stopped. 

DSMB agrees to continue study after 5th patient review          |  Jan 2021

TripleMed realized the first clinical Milestone for the type II Endoleak pivotal clinical study: To date 7 patients have been treated successfully with AneuFix, and till now without any complications. The AneuFix procedure demonstrated in these patients to be straightforward and safe, and the AneuFix material could be injected in a controllable manner. 

1st patient treated in typ II Endoleak clinical study                      |  Jul 2020  

Thursday July 2nd, the 1st patient in the AneuFix Endoleak type II clinical study was treated in the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam .

The complete Endoleak void could be filled as confirmed by CT scan the next day, and thus a Technical Success. No complications occurred during the procedure. .

Approval type II Endoleak clinical study                                       |  Feb 2020 

February the METC approval for the type II endoelak study  was received, after which the clinical study will start.

CA/EC requests for approvals in Germany and Belgium are ongoing

Company move                                                                               |  Dec 2019

In December TripleMed moved to the new location on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

Next to additional office space , the new location contains a R&D lab and ISO7 clean production facilities

With this TripleMed is ready to expand their activities towards commercialization of AneuFix / AneuFill

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