AneuFill polymer is used to fill the complete aneurysm sac around an EVAR endograft in the same procedure as the EVAR endograft is placed.

The AneuFill polymer is available in a high radiopacity  version for critical area's and a low radiopacity version to fll the complete sac

Filling the sac and fixating the endograft:

·       prevents the occurrence of endoleaks

·       prevents migration of the endograft, resulting from pulsatile aortic flow

·       reduces the incidence of endograft occlusion due to endograft migration.

AneuFill Procedure

Product Characteristics

In prophylactic Sac Filling the thickness of the implant as seen under x-ray will vary, from <2mm in the proximal neck zone, distal seals in the Iliac vessels and lumbar vessels, to >60mm on the maximum diameter of the aneurysm sac.


Low density AneuFill has the same silicone polymer consistancy as high density AneuFill, only no tantalum. Low density AneuFill is used in conjunction with high tantalum density AneuFill to prevent scatter under CT.


For prophylactic sac filling higher volumes of polymer are needed: ranging from 50 to 150ml.

Aneufill therefore comes in 50ml syringes.  For the majority of sac filling cases therefore  2 to 3 AneuFill syringes will be sufficient