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Balloon Based EVAR

In Balloon Based EVAR (BB-EVAR), 2 patented “dogbone” shaped balloons are advanced from both legs, and merged via a special “skirt” to form a single ballon in the form of a temporary aortic vessel, bridging the aorta-iliac tract and at the same time temporarily occluding bllod flow from the aorta and iliac arteries into the sac, similar to clamping in an open surgical procedure.

Filling the sac with AneuFix polymer in the same way as described under 'AneuFix - Prophylactic Sac Filling’, results in a perfect cast around the balloons in a short time. Curing of the polymer takes place in 3 min. After deflating and removing the balloons a new aorta-iliac channel is created in a minimal invasive procedure.


This BB-EVAR concept can also be used for treating aneurysms higher up in the aorta, where other vessel sidebranches need to be kept open.

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