About us

TripleMed was founded in 2011 by 3 reputed vascular surgeons:  Brom, de Vries and Jacobs, and is located in Maastricht. TripleMed develops innovative and cost-effective solutions for the treatment of aortic aneurysms.

The first steps for what is called ‘Customized Aneurysm Repair’ were made by de Vries MD, who had the original idea to develop a soft polymer that can be injected in liquid form into the aneurysm sac, and subsequently cured to form an in-situ implant.

Together with TU Delft a first prototype of the polymer was developed .

in the preceeding years the optimal sterilization process was defined, the correct functioning of the polymer verified in in-vitro tests, and extensive leachables and extraction studies performed to prove the biocompatibility and safety of the material for human use. Finally, the polymer was tested in acute and chronic animal studies.

Now, AneuFix is being tested in clinical studies to obtain the  evidence needed for a successful CE marking end of 2019.