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TripleMed is literally filling the gap in aneurysm treatment by filling the aneurysm sac with its unique polymer.

Filling the sac and fixating the endograft:

  • prevents the occurrence of endoleaks

  • prevents migration of the endograft due to a nearly complete fixation of the graft

  • reduces the incidence of endograft occlusion due to endograft migration.

AneuFix Procedure

Step 1:

  • Place vascular closure systems

  • Introduce guide-wires

  • Introduce endograft

Step 2:

  • Deployment of endograft

  • Deployment of limb sections

  • Place large CSI instead of endograft delivery system

  • Fixate proximal section of endograft with balloon

Step 3:

  • Introduce 5F pressure control balloon

  • Introduce 6F filling  (+ drain catheter)

  • In case of need protect proximal and/or distal section(s) with compliant balloons

  • Fill aneurysm

Integrated polymer dispensing system

The radiopaque polymer is provided as two components in a side-by-side syringe arrangement, with the components being pushed through a static mixer and then through a filling catheter into the body. The combination of syringes and dispenser has been selected together with Medmix AG, a company specialized in the development and supply of mixing disposables for the medical industry (e.g. bone cements).