Presentation Vaatdagen                                                |  Mar 18th 2019

Results of the First-In-Man clincial study will be presented by Daniel Eefting MD, Principal Investigator of the study

Company move                                                              |  Dec 2019

Approval Clinical study                                                 |  Jan 2020

In December TripleMed moved to the new location on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.

Next to additional office space , the new location contains a R&D lab and ISO7 clean production facilities

With this TripleMed is ready to expand their activities towards commercialization of AneuFix / AneuFill

End of January the METC approval for the type II endoelak study is expected to be received, after which the clinical study will start.

CA/EC requests for approvals in France, Germany and Belgium are ongoing

Presentation Veith Congress New York                        |  Nov 23rd 2018 

On November 23rd the preliminary results of the First-In-Man clinical study were presented at the Veith Congress by Prof. Jacobs.

TripleMed secures 2M funding                                      |  Sep 21st 2017

TripleMed raises over €2 million for innovative treatment of aortic aneurysms

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